Handa High Performance Butterfly Valve In VPSA Application


Help you plan and optimize your processes and minimize maintenance costs. We offer a complete flow control portfolio and the widest selection of applications to address all your industrial gas business needs.


Large size to fit the needs in water treatment.

Reliable, industry-proven valves protect infrastructure investments from shutdown, safeguard neighborhoods and help avoid any legal or reputational risks of unsafe applications control.


We have helped hundreds of customers improve their process reliability, productivity, safety and sustainability with application-appropriate valve solutions.


Work closely with you to fit the right valve to your specific requirements as well as plan for long-term maintenance. Our dedicated local expert teams give you peace of mind about your pipeline safety and reliability.


Intelligent valve controllers, advanced diagnostics software and loop tuning are all part of our performance solutions for the chemical industry that provide you with easy, safe and reliable operation.


Working in many sectors of the power generation market – from new emerging technologies, such as bioenergy, waste-to-energy and geothermal plants to other power plant areas like gas and steam turbines.

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