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24 October 2023

Leading the Flow with Valve Technology: Join HANDA Valves at the PCV Expo Journey!


Dear HANDA Valves users and friends,


We are thrilled to announce that HANDA VALVE will be attending the PCV Expo in Moscow from the 24th to the 26th of October 2023. We will be making an exciting appearance with our all-new product lines – The Triple Offset Butterfly Valves and a variety of Ball Valves.


Committed to innovation for your needs, we are looking forward to showcasing our deep commitment to the philosophy of “innovation”. Be it the on-site industrial display or the unveiling of our novel products, we are keen on delivering the fullest possible experience, ensuring your expectations match with our realities.


As leaders of hydraulic systems globally, we are set to display our state-of-the-art Triple Offset Butterfly Valves and a variety of Ball Valves at the PCV Expo. These highly efficient and stable valve products, crafted with cutting-edge technology, offer stellar user experiences. The Triple Offset Butterfly Valve, renowned for its excellent performance, has become the equipment of choice in numerous industries. And our Ball Valves have widely received customer recognition due to their notable cost-performance and high reliability.


We cordially invite you to join us and experience our products firsthand. Let HANDA VALVE lead you into a future filled with endless possibilities. Together, we can explore the potential of innovative technology to boost efficiency, reduce risk and make a giant, sustainable contribution to society.


More importantly, we look forward to establishing deeper relationships with you, understanding your needs, and addressing your challenges – that’s what we stand for at HANDA VALVE.



We are at booth number [H502], do visit us. Your participation is our utmost honor. Together, let’s chart the future of intelligent manufacturing on the stage of PCV Expo!



With sincere anticipation,

Thank you

The Management and Staff


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